Sheet Metal Fabrication Service
A variety of automation equipment to ensure high accuracy and high efficiency

Sheet metal fabrication processing is turning metal sheets of steel or aluminium into metal structures or cutting, punching, folding metal sheet into special shape. We have Various automatci equipment to cut or burn sheet metal , then bend or stretch them into any shape as per drawing.  Laser cutting machins are used in the sheet metal fabrication process. These ensure even cutting throughout the process.

Sheet metal fabrications use punch machine to draw the sheet metal into the shape, create sharp bends and angles with press brakes.  Xinanda has are a variety of different press brakes which have different functions and are used for different purposes.


One of the main procedure in sheet metal fabrication is welding. When all the components are formed, assembled and tack welded into design position. The welding techniques are used to prevent warping or any other abnormalities.