Standardized Workshop
Standardized facility, standardized operation
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Advanced Equipments
More than 200pcs different kind of mechanical machines for sheet metal fabrication
About Us
Skilled Engineering Design Team
CAD,CAM,CAE applied in production.
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Our Service

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Laser cutting, bending, stamping, surface treatment

Stamping Service

Punching, blanking, piercing, coining, and several other operations

Stamping Die Design

Progressive mold, deep draw stamping mold

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Instant Quote

DfM feedback

Always available production capacity

Easy order management

Dedicated team of specialists

Comprehensive capability

Our Experience In Numbers

We Work From Prototyping To Production And Beyond

Xinanda offers a range of solutions to help you develop effective prototypes and scale up to production parts.  Our skilled engineering team to work for you.

Hight Quality Parts Every Time

Quality assurance

From factory audits to part inspections, we follow strict processes to ensure your parts always meet the highest quality standards.

IP protection

We take every measure to ensure the protection of your IP, which is why Fortune 500 companies are our VIP customer.